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  • Find Your Loved One’s Legal Documents such as the Last Will and Testament, Trust, and any other Estate Planning documents
  • Identify Funeral Wishes
  • Begin Making Arrangements
  • Get the Death Certificates
  • Tell Family and Friends of the Individual’s Passing
  • Create a Memorial Website
  • Take Inventory
  • Pay Off Current Monthly Debts
  • Notify the Individual’s Employer
  • Take Care of Pets Left Behind
  • Secure the Loved One’s Property
  • Notify Credit Agencies Experian, Equifax, Transamerica to prevent fraud and identity theft
  • Contact Government Agencies- Medicare for example
  • Initiate a Family Meeting
  • Notify the Social Security Administration and pension providers that your loved one has passed.
  • Order enough original death certificates for each financial institution and insurance company.
  • Close credit card accounts.
  • Collect mail to gather bank statements, bills and other financial documents.
  • Gather all insurance policies – health, auto and life insurance policies.
  • We understand.  You may have many questions.  Meet with our trusts and estates attorney.
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