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New terms to know for Medicaid Planning

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2021 | Estate Planning, Medicaid |

For Medicaid Planning purposes one needs to know several “new terms” such as:

  1. community spouse is the husband or wife of a Medicaid recipient who is institutionalized in a nursing home or assisted living facility. By law, there is a limit to the amount of income a community spouse can retain and still allow the institutionalized spouse to qualify for Medicaid. Sometimes, however, that limit is not enough to pay for the community spouse’s expenses.

    Here at the Kelly Law Group we have ways to increase the amount of income that community spouses can retain, including bringing court proceedings if necessary.

  2. look back period

    a look-back period is in place to prevent an applicant from gifting or selling all their assets or property under fair market value to meet the asset limit for Medicaid assistance. The look-back period begins on the date the Medicaid application is made and looks back




    FOR COMMUNITY Medicaid the look back period soon will be 30 Months.

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